Is the research and data available sufficient to tackle problem gambling?

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23 July 2019

The Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry next week holds two evidence sessions on the current statistics on gambling in the UK, the research and data available on the issue, and the impact of gambling advertising on children.


Tuesday 23 July in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 3.20pm

  • Professor Jim Orford, Emeritus Professor of Clinical and Community Psychology, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Heather Wardle, Assistant Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

At 4.20pm

  • Dr Anna van der Gaag, Chair, Advisory Board for Safer Gambling
  • Tim Miller, Executive Director, Gambling Commission

Areas of discussion

Areas the Committee is likely to discuss include:

  • The current levels of problem gambling in the UK
  • The nature of 'gambling harm', how it is distributed and what causes it
  • Whether children should be allowed to gamble, including playing the lottery and category D machines
  • Whether there is adequate research for policy makers to make evidence-based decisions
  • The data available for researchers
  • The cost of gambling in the UK, and how that cost is calculated
  • Advertising and the impact on children

Further information

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