Treasury and DWP officials questioned by committee

11 July 2016

On Tuesday 12 July, the Select Committee on Financial Exclusion continues its inquiry by hearing evidence from Government officials. This session looks at Government aims and strategy with regard to financial exclusion and at the impact of related areas of Government policy, such as Universal Credit.


Tuesday 12 July, Committee Room 2A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Neil Couling, Director General of Universal Credit, Department for Work and Pensions
  • Gwyneth Nurse, Director of Financial Services, HM Treasury

Possible questions

  • How the Government defines financial exclusion and what strategy it has to eliminate it?
  • How the Government will measure the impact of Universal Credit on financial inclusion?
  • How effective has regulation of the payday loans sector been?
  • How effectively is work to tackle financial exclusion coordinated across government?
  • The Government’s current use of financial technologies and the strategy for using FinTech to target financial exclusion?

Further information

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