Committee restructures sub-committees

17 May 2012

At its first meeting of the 2012-13 Session on the 16 May, the Select Committee agreed to restructure its sub-committees. The Committee established six sub-committees for the 2012-13 Session, and appointed the membership for each of these sub-committees. The list below indicates the new titles and remits of each of the sub-committees, as well as links to their individual webpages where you can read more information about their work and their membership.

Particular changes in this new structure include:

  • The movement of EU enlargement to the Select Committee;
  • The movement of employment matters to the Internal Market Sub-Committee;
  • The movement of international trade to the External Affairs Sub-Committee;
  • The movement of energy matters to the Agriculture Sub-Committee;
  • The movement of consumer protection, equality and cultural issues to the Justice Sub-Committee; and
  • The movement of health, education and sport to the Home Affairs Sub-Committee.

Any queries about this new structure should be addressed in the first instance to the Second Clerk of the Select Committee, whose contact details are available in the 'Contact Us' section.

A: Economic and Financial Affairs (www.parliament.uk/hleua)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: macroeconomic policy; monetary policy; the euro; the customs union; taxation; the EU annual budget; and Structural Funds.

B: Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment (www.parliament.uk/hleub)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: the free movement of goods and services; the freedom of establishment; company law policy; competition; state aid; transport; telecommunications; the information society; industrial policy; space policy; research and innovation; employment policy; social security; the European Social Fund; and tourism.

C: External Affairs (www.parliament.uk/hleuc)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: Common Foreign Security Policy; the Eurpean External Action Service; EU defence policy; neighbourhood policy; international development; humanitarian aid; EU international agreements; common commercial policy; anti-dumping; and international trade.

D: Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy (www.parliament.uk/hleud)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: the Common Agricultural Policy; the Common Fisheries Policy; maritime affairs; food; food safety; environmental policy; climate change; rural development; energy policy; Euratom; and energy efficiency.

E: Justice, Insitutions and Consumer Protection (www.parliament.uk/hleue)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: criminal justice; civil justice; fundamental rights; consumer protection; the Court of Justice; EU citizenship; non-discrimination; culture; intellectual property; technical company law; and the work of the Institutions.

F: Home Affairs, Health and Education (www.parliament.uk/hleuf)

This Sub-Committee's remit will now encompass: migration; asylum; border controls; police cooperation; combating organised crime and trafficking; child protection; civil protection; health; sport; and education.


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