Post-Brexit UK-EU relations inquiry launch

26 March 2018

The House of Lords EU Select Committee has today launched a short inquiry into the future UK-EU relationship.


In recent weeks, the UK Government, the European Council and the European Parliament have set out their initial positions on the nature of the post-Brexit future UK-EU relationship. They have done so in three key texts:

Issues to be considered

The Committee's inquiry on the future UK-EU relationship will consider:

  • What areas should be covered in the framework for future relations, to be agreed in October 2018?
  • How much detail will it be possible to include in this framework?
  • How compatible are the visions for a future relationship set out by the UK Government, European Council and European Parliament?
  • What are the main areas of agreement?
  • What are the main areas of disagreement, and how can these be resolved?
  • Are elements missing from any or all of these documents? 

The Committee welcomes the views of stakeholders on the issues outlined above. Any written submissions should be sent to the Committee, at euclords@parliament.uk, no later than 30 April 2018.

The Committee will also compare and examine the approaches of the UK Government, European Council and European Parliament in public hearings in April and May 2018. 

While the inquiry will focus on the published documents listed above (and any updated versions), the Committee will also draw on the findings of its six Sub-Committees, which have already conducted a series of detailed inquiries into many of the policy issues arising in respect of the future UK-EU relationship: their reports are all published at www.parliament.uk/hleu. Further Sub-Committee inquiries into a number of relevant areas (including the prospects for a UK-EU security treaty, models for enforcement and dispute resolution, and future EU-UK cooperation in defence missions) are continuing in parallel with the Select Committee's work.  

The Committee aims to publish its findings ahead of the June 2018 European Council.

Further information

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