Government publishes list of Brexit-related treaties

29 January 2019

The Rt Hon. Stephen Barclay MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, wrote to the Lords EU Committee on 25 January providing an update on Government’s plans to lay Brexit-related international agreements before Parliament.


On 25 January the Department for Exiting the European Union wrote to the EU Committee outlining the Government’s plans to lay Brexit-related international agreements before Parliament, in order to allow ratification ahead of UK withdrawal from the EU.

These are agreements to which the UK is already party by virtue of being an EU Member State, but which could cease to apply following UK withdrawal, unless successor agreements are put in place. Following a decision of the House of Lords Procedure Committee, all such agreements are now being  scrutinised by the EU Committee.

The letter

The Government’s letter annexes a list of 62 agreements which have either been finalised or will be finalised in coming weeks. The Committee’s first report on Brexit-related international agreements is likely to be published in the week beginning 4 February 2019.

Further information

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