Academics give evidence on Brexit: devolution

21 February 2017

The EU Select Committee hears evidence from academics as Brexit: devolution inquiry continues.


Tuesday 21 February in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 4.05pm

  • Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, co-director at the Centre for law and society in a global context, Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Roger Scully, Professor of Political Science, Cardiff University
  • Professor Jonathan Tonge, Professor of Politics, Liverpool University


  • What are the political, economic and legal implications for the devolved nations of the Brexit model the UK Government is pursuing?
  • Is it possible for the nations and regions of the UK to have differentiated terms of exit from the EU, or is a consistent approach across the UK the only viable solution?
  • Which EU competences should be transferred to the devolved governments after Brexit?
  • Are existing mechanisms for interparliamentary dialogue between Westminster and the devolved legislatures sufficient to deal with the challenge of Brexit?

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