EU Financial Framework Follow-Up Inquiry

The EU Select Committee conducted a follow-up inquiry into the EU Commission's detailed proposals for the EU Financial Framework from 2014.

Following the Commission's Communication 'The EU Budget Review' and the subsequent negotiations, the Commission published detailed proposals for spending packages as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework from 2014 to 2020. The packages therefore had critical policy implications for the EU's activities over the latter part of this decade. The Committee launched an inquiry to scrutinise these proposals as a follow-up to it's earlier inquiry into the 'Budget Review'.

The Committee's follow-up report was published on 3 May 2012. The report received a response from the Government. Links to these documents are below. It was debated along with the earlier report in the House on 19 June 2012. You can read the debate in the Official Report and watch the video of the debate.