EU Financial Framework from 2014

The EU Committee has conducted an inquiry into the EU Financial Framework from 2014.

The Committee conducted an inquiry into the EU Commission's Communication 'The EU Budget Review, with Technical Annexes' and the Treasury's Explanatory Memorandum, giving the UK Government's views. Links to these documents are below. The 'Budget Review' was the first step toward the setting of the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework from 2014..

The Committee published its report on 5 April and received a response from the Government. Links to these documents are below. The Committee subsequently conducted a follow-up inquiry into the Commission's detailed proposals on the EU Financial Framework. The two reports were debated together in the House on 19 June 2012. You can read the debate in the Official Report and watch the video of the debate.

Members of the Committee declared the following interests as being relevant to this inquiry:

Public hearings were held as follows:

  • 11 Jan  
    Professor Iain Begg (London School of Economics) and Dr. Jorge Nunez Ferrer (Centre for European Policy Studies) Watch Live 
  • 18 Jan 
    Justine Greening MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Mike Glycopantis (Deputy Director, Head of EU Budget) and Brendan Bayley (Head of CAP policy) Watch Live 
  • 25 Jan
    Richard Ashworth MEP, Marta Andreasen MEP and Carl Haglund MEP, by videoconference Watch Live
  • 8 Feb
    Open Europe, Centre for European Reform and the Institute for European Environmental Policy followed by Janusz Lewandowski, EU Budget Commissioner Watch Live