Lords to Question Professor of EU Law

07 January 2015

In its first session of the new year, the House of Lords EU Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection Sub-Committee will question Damian Chalmers, Professor of European Law at the London School of Economics, as part of its inquiry into the UK's opt-in and International Agreements, on Wednesday 7 January.


Wednesday 7 January, Committee Room 1, House of Lords

At 4.05pm

  • Professor Damian Chalmers, Professor of European Law at the London School of Economics.


Professor Chalmers is an expert in European law and is the editor of ‘European Law Review’, as well as the co-editor of ‘Jurist Europe’.

The Committee will question Professor Chalmers on a number of issues including:

  • his assessment of the legal reasoning in the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Justice's letter, setting out a revised position on the Justice and Home Affairs opt-in;
  • to what extent he agrees with the Government’s position that it cannot modify its policy on the 2014 opt-in Protocol simply to avoid conflict with other Member States and the institutions, and his assessment of the risks of the UK breaching the obligation of loyal cooperation;
  • his assessment of the impact of the Government’s opt-in policy in relation to international agreements on legal certainty within the EU, and also in the EU’s relations with third countries; and
  • if he believes that there is evidence to suggest that the Commission has sought to circumvent the UK and Ireland’s opt-in rights, as asserted by the Government.

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