Legal experts questioned on proposed establishment of EU Public Prosecutor's Office

02 April 2014

A former President of Eurojust is one of the witnesses who will appear before the House of Lords Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection EU Sub-Committee on Wednesday 2 April, as it continues its investigation into the role of the proposed new European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).


At 3.50pm, the Committee will question:

  • Mike Kennedy, former President of Eurojust;
  • Dr Anna Bradshaw, a member of the Law Society of England and Wales’ EU Committee; and
  • James MacGuill, Chair of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe’s (CCBE) Criminal Law Committee.


Questions the witnesses are likely to face include:

  • What is your view on our recent report’s findings that some Member States are unenthusiastic about pursuing crimes against the EU’s financial interests?
  • Do you agree that any decision to prosecute an individual for fraud on the EU’s finances should remain with the relevant national authority?
  • What potential problems do you see rising from the fact that the current draft of the EPPO does not address the position of non-participating Member States?
  • The UK has not opted into the proposed EPPO. The Director General of OLAF has suggested that our judicial system will not be affected by it. Do you agree?
  • If the EPPO comes into existence, what steps would be necessary to protect the position of the non-participating Member States?

The evidence session will take place on Wednesday 2 April at 3.50pm in Committee Room 1.

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