What will Brexit mean for road transport?

01 November 2018

The EU Internal Market Sub-Committee is holding a double evidence session on Brexit and road transport, hearing from road hauliers and manufacturers as well as bus and coach operators.


Thursday 1 November, Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster 

At 10.10am 

  • Mr Duncan Buchanan, Policy Director, Road Haulage Association   
  • Mr Clive Mills, LLP Designated Member, Euro2Go  
  • Mr James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, Freight Transport Association  
  • Mr Mike Hawes, Chief Executive Officer, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) 

At 11.10am 

  • Mr Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive Officer, Translink  
  • Mr Steven Salmon, Director of Policy Development, Confederation of Passenger Transport 

Possible questions

Questions likely to be covered in the first session include:

  • What is your assessment of the Government's preparations for the impact of Brexit on the road transport sector?  
  • Are there any specific cases where it may be beneficial for the UK to diverge from EU rules on road transport? 
  • After Brexit, will there be opportunities for UK hauliers and the automotive industry to expand in new ways? 

Questions likely to be covered in the second session include: 

  • How well represented is passenger transport in Government engagement on Brexit compared to other parts of the road transport sector?  
  • What provisions on passenger transport should the Government prioritise as part of any future arrangement with the EU?  
  • How useful would UK accession to the Interbus Agreement be in the absence of specific UK-EU arrangements for passenger transport?

Further Information 

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