Brexit: the proposed UK-EU security treaty inquiry launched

Policeman in front of the Palace of Westminster
01 March 2018

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee launches a new inquiry into the proposed UK-EU security treaty.


The House of Lords EU Committee and its six Sub-Committees are conducting a coordinated series of short inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the negotiations on Brexit.

Scope of the inquiry

EU member states currently enjoy levels of cooperation and mutual recognition that go far deeper than any comparable international collaborations. In its future partnership paper on security, law enforcement and criminal justice, the government called for a partnership between the UK and EU "that goes beyond the existing, often ad hoc arrangement for EU third-country relationships," and has supported the idea of a UK-EU treaty that would provide "a legal basis" for continued cooperation.

This inquiry will examine the practical and legal challenges for negotiating a security treaty with the EU, and what such a treaty might cover.

Further information

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