Senior law enforcement officials discuss the proposed UK-EU security treaty

02 May 2018

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence from the National Crime Agency and the National Police Chiefs’ Council on the practical challenges for police and security cooperation post-Brexit, and what they mean for the Government’s proposed security treaty with the EU.


Wednesday 2 May 2018, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster
At 10.45am

  • Mr Richard Martin, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for the International Criminality Portfolio
  • Mr Steve Smart, Director of Intelligence, National Crime Agency

Possible questions

  • What contingency planning are you doing for the transition period? Are you planning for the possibility that no deal on security cooperation is reached by the time the transition period ends?
  • What impact would you expect if the UK no longer had direct access to EU databases after Brexit? To what extent would it be possible to develop alternatives to compensate for this?
  • Do you have any concerns about how the UK and the EU will be able to cooperate on identifying, agreeing and tackling commonly shared security risks when the UK is no longer part of the EU?

Further information

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