Security experts and Crown Prosecution Service discuss proposed UK-EU security treaty

15 May 2018

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee continues its inquiry on the proposed UK-EU security treaty, taking evidence from the former head of MI5 Lord Evans of Weardale, the former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan and the Crown Prosecution Service.


The evidence sessions covers the practical and legal challenges for negotiating a treaty covering police and security cooperation post-Brexit, and what they mean for the Government’s proposed security treaty with the EU.


Wednesday 16 May 2018, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 10.45am

  • Lord Evans of Weardale
  • Robert Hannigan, Chairman, BlueVoyant Europe, and former Director of GCHQ

At 11.45am

  • Debbie Price, Head of International Justice, Crown Prosecution Service
  • Jim Brisbane CBE, Internal Assurance Officer and SRO for EU Exit, Crown Prosecution Service

Possible questions

The Committee will explore a number of issues with witnesses including:

  • In an ideal world, what is your vision of the "closest possible cooperation" on security cooperation between the UK and EU27 post-Brexit?
  • Will the UK lose the influence that it currently wields in police and judicial cooperation once it is no longer part of the EU?
  • Should the UK focus on EU-wide or bilateral relations in this field after Brexit? If it did focus on bilateral relations, which countries should be prioritised and why?

Further information

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