Brexit: The European Arrest Warrant inquiry launched

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22 March 2017

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee launches a new inquiry into Criminal Justice Cooperation with the EU after Brexit: The European Arrest Warrant.


The House of Lords EU Committee and its six Sub-Committees are conducting a coordinated series of short inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the forthcoming negotiations on Brexit.

Scope of the Inquiry

The inquiry will follow up on the Sub-Committee's previous report on Brexit: UK-EU security and police cooperation by examining more closely how the Government’s intention to "bring an end to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the UK" will affect the UK’s ability to sustain "deep cooperation" with the EU and its Member States in the fight against crime and terrorism. The Sub-Committee will explore this issue through a specific case study of the options for replacing the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) after the UK leaves the EU.

The inquiry will explore what the transition to a new arrangement could look like and whether an interim arrangement would be any easier to negotiate than a permanent replacement for the EAW. The Sub-Committee will also examine what a "bespoke" arbitration or dispute resolution mechanism, as envisaged by the Government, could look like in this area.

The Committee will begin taking oral evidence for this inquiry in late March.

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