Lords hear evidence on EU strategy to tackle illicit tobacco smuggling

22 July 2013

In the second evidence session of its enhanced scrutiny of the EU’s strategy against illicit tobacco smuggling, the House of Lords EU-Sub Committee on Home Affairs, Health and Education will question officials from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on Wednesday 24 July.


At 11.00am, Wednesday 24 July, Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster, the Committee will hear from the following HMRC officials:

  • Donald Toon, Director of Criminal Investigation; and
  • Andrew Leggett, Deputy Director for Indirect Tax.

The Committee will question the witnesses on issues including:

  • Does the proposed EU cigarette smuggling strategy complement the UK’s domestic strategy, or run to contrary to it, in any way?
  • Do you believe the UK’s comparatively high level of taxation makes it more attractive as a market for illicit tobacco?
  • What effect do you think the economic crisis has had on the smuggling of illicit tobacco in the EU and in the UK?
  • What role is HMRC playing in shaping the UK’s negotiating position on the proposed Tobacco Products Directive?
  • What is your opinion about the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products, including any impact on the production of counterfeit goods?

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