Lords Urge Pragmatic Approach to EU Home Affairs

04 February 2011

The House of Lords EU Committee today urges the Government to be open minded about proposed plans to implement the Stockholm Programme, the five year plan that sets the agenda for EU justice and home affairs.

9th Report - Implementing the Stockholm Programme: home affairs | PDF version (PDF)Opens in a new window HL Paper 90 | Published 04 February 2011 | Purchase title 

The Committee has looked at the European Commission’s proposal for how various aspects of the Stockholm Programme should be implemented, such as plans to introduce an EU Passenger Name Record and measures to achieve the Common European Asylum System. The Government expressed concern in its evidence to the Committee that the Action Plan contains a number of inconsistencies from the original programme, but the Committee stresses in its report, Implementing the Stockholm Programme: home affairs , that there needs to be a degree of flexibility when responding to emerging threats and risks, particularly concerning matters of internal security.

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