Lords Question Europol on Security, Cyber Security and International Cooperation

15 December 2010

The House of Lords EU Sub Committee on Home Affairs took evidence from the Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, on the EU Internal Security Strategy on Wednesday 15 December.

The Committee asked Mr Wainwright about various aspects of European security, such as the role of individual Member States, cooperation on an international scale with countries such as the US and Russia, and serious organised crime.

Mr Wainwright was also asked about how Europol currently operate against cyber-attacks and the impact that Europol have in this area. The Committee wanted to know how existing law enforcement expertise can be integrated with the specialist expertise that is required to operate successfully in the cyber domain.

Mr Wainwright became the Director of Europol in April 2009 and previously worked at the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency where he was the Chief of the International Department.

The evidence session was held in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords at 11.00am.

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