Committee will publish its report on future justice and home affairs plans on Monday

11 April 2014

The Committee, which has been investigating the EU’s five year justice and home affairs (JHA) agenda to 2020, will publish its report on Monday 14 April.

The Stockholm Programme, which set the JHA agenda for 2010-14, expires this year and covered significant policy areas including border controls, immigration, asylum, and judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters.  The Committee’s inquiry has examined the effectiveness of the current programme, what lessons can be learnt from it and what should be included in the new EU JHA agenda. 
The Committee’s report will seek to inform the direction of the new programme, likely to be agreed in June of this year, and is expected to make recommendations about the shape of the next programme, significant pieces of legislation currently being considered, support for the work of EU agencies, including Europol, and the future development of JHA across the EU.

Image: iStockphoto

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