How Should the EU Combat Drug Use and Trafficking?

07 July 2011

The House of Lords EU Committee on Home Affairs will ask how the 2005- 2012 EU Drugs Strategy can be improved for the next Strategy (2013-2020), in a new inquiry launched today.

The Committee welcomes evidence from parties with an interest and knowledge of drugs policy. It intends to examine questions including:

  • How successful is the existing Strategy - what works and what needs changing, what can be done to make the new Strategy more effective?
  • What role the EU should play in elements of the Strategy such as multilateral communication, research and local level promotion of drugs policy?
  • Should or could drugs policy be harmonised across the EU?
  • What does the EU need to do to coordinate Member States’ approaches to reducing supply and demand of drugs?
  • How are drug trafficking routes disrupted by collaborating law enforcement agencies across Europe? Is current action enough?

The Committee is keen to receive written evidence on these issues from any interested parties.

The full Call for Evidence is available at www.parliament.uk/hleuf and the deadline for the submission of written evidence is Friday 26 August 2011.

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