The EU's role in British Higher Education: Lords quiz Univerisities UK representative

09 November 2011

In the first evidence session for a new inquiry into higher education, Lords EU Social Policies and Consumer Protection Sub-Committee heard from Professor Colin Riordan, Chair of the International Unit at Universities UK and Vice Chancellor of the University of Essex on Thursday 10 November. 

The inquiry is examining what contribution the EU can make to boost mobility, provide funding and promote best practice across Europe’s higher education sector. 

The Committee quizzed Professor Riordan on issues including:

  • If – and where – the EU adds value for UK institutions, given its limited powers to act in the higher education sector;
  • How the EU can help to boost the mobility of both students and researchers, including tackling the low take-up of the Erasmus programme in the UK; and
  • How the EU makes funding available to higher education institutions and if this can be improved.

Image: iStockphoto

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