Lords Question Minister on Stockholm Implementation Plan

12 October 2010

The House of Lords EU Sub Committee on Home Affairs questioned Home Office Minister James Brokenshire MP about the Implementation Action Plan for the Stockholm Programme on Wednesday 13 October.

The Implementation Action Plan (IAP) provides for the implementation of new initiatives set out under the Stockholm Programme, which forms the agenda for EU justice and home affairs activity from 2010 to 2014. James Brokenshire MP, the minister responsible for the IAP, was asked about the Government's views on whether the IAP is consistent with the Stockholm Programme and if there are any home affairs aspects of the IAP which there are concerns about.

The Committee also asked about which home affairs aspects of the IAP are considered a priority in terms of the benefits for the UK, and if there are any items contained in the IAP that the Government might opt out off in a similar way to its non participation in the Asylum Procedure and Qualification Directives.

Other subjects that were covered included data protection, the opportunity to evaluate existing counter terrorism and information sharing measures, and the establishment of a Directorate General for Home Affairs in Brussels and its role in implementing the Stockholm Programme.

The evidence session was held in Committee Room 3A of the House of Lords at 10:45am.

Image: iStockphoto 

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