Mobility of Healthcare Professionals

The House of Lords EU Social Policies and Consumer Protection Sub-Committee, which was chaired by Baroness Young of Hornsey, conducted an Inquiry into the mobility of healthcare professionals within the context of the European Commission’s review of the Professional Qualifications Directive. The report was published on 19 October 2012. Following the Commission’s publication of a revised Directive on 19 December 2011, the Sub-Committee met with a number of UK professional stakeholders on 26 January 2012 to discuss its provisions. Following this meeting Lord Roper, the then Chairman of the EU Committee, entered into further correspondence with the Government during February 2012 raising a number of points. The report was debated by the House on 22 March 2012

The report's key finding was that the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive, which governs the mobility of healthcare professionals within the EU and is currently under review, strikes the wrong balance between allowing  healthcare professionals to work in other EU countries and ensuring the safety of patients.