Treasury Minister gives evidence on financial regulation and supervision after Brexit

HM Treasury
04 December 2017

The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee continues its inquiry into financial regulation and supervision post-Brexit with evidence from the Economic Secretary to the Treasury.


Tuesday 5 December 2017 in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 11.00am

  • Stephen Barclay MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, HM Treasury

Likely questions

  • Could a split domestic/international regulatory regime be workable?
  • How is the Government providing legal certainty to the financial services industry through the Withdrawal Bill process?
  • Should we be concerned that equivalence decisions may render the UK a rule-taker?
  • What are the most significant regulatory barriers to the UK’s international competitiveness that Brexit will allow the Government to address?
  • Are you optimistic that Brexit will actually lead to the opportunity for more regulatory tailoring?

Further information

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