Brexit and the movement of financial services explored by Committee

03 April 2019

The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee discusses with experts the impact of Brexit and the movement of financial services firms, in a one-off evidence session.


Wednesday 3 April 2019 in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 11.00am

  • Andrew Pilgrim, Associate Partner,Government Financial Services, EY
  • William Wright, Managing Director, New Financial

Likely questions

  • How have firms in the financial services industry responded to Brexit? What is the scale of relocations in terms of staff, business activity and assets?
  • Which financial centres in the EU27 have benefitted the most from Brexit-related relocations and what explains their success in attracting people and assets?
  • How do movements differ between sectors?
  • How much scope is there to stop or reverse these movements at this point in the Brexit process?

Further information

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