Exchequer Secretary discusses European Investment Bank funding and SMEs post Brexit

21 November 2018

The Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Robert Jenrick MP, will be discussing post-Brexit infrastructure and SME funding and the UK's future relationship with the European Investment Bank.


Wednesday 21 November 2018 in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.00am

  • Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary to HM Treasury
  • David Lunn, Director, EU Exit, HM Treasury
  • Philip Duffy, Director, Growth and Enterprise, HM Treasury

Likely questions

Questions likely to be asked include:

  • What discussions have taken place regarding the UK's future relationship with the EIB? Given that EIB membership is restricted to the EU's Member States, what options are you considering for this?
  • Given that the EIB will stop supporting new projects in the UK from March 2019, when do you expect to reach an agreement on the future relationship with the EIB?
  • There are a number of existing Government schemes to support infrastructure investment, such as the UK Guarantees Scheme (UKGS). Are you considering any changes to these in light of possibly losing access to the EIB?
  • Under the Withdrawal Agreement, why was it agreed that the UK will not receive a proportionate share of the EIB's accumulated profits (which would amount to approximately €7.6 billion)?

Further information

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