Think tank gives evidence on post-Brexit financial regulation and supervision

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08 December 2017

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence from Karel  Lannoo from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) for its inquiry into Financial Regulation and supervision.


Monday 11 December 2017 in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 4.30pm

  • Karel Lannoo, Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for European Policy Studies

Likely questions

  • What, in CEPS' view, ought the EU-27's priorities be for Brexit?
  • What is CEPS' view on the Commission's current legislative initiatives in banking regulation?
  • What ought to be the EU-27's key priorities for regulation over the coming years?
  • Does the UK's exit make Capital Markets Union (CMU) more or less viable?
  • Which segments of the EU-wide financial services industry are likely to be hit hardest by Brexit?

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