Experts from the British Business Bank and KfW give evidence

Small businesses and SMES
14 November 2018

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence from the British Business Bank (BBB) and KfW (Germany's promotional bank) on the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF).


Wednesday 14 November in Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15 am

  • Keith Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, British Business Bank
  • Catherine Lewis La Torre, Chief Executive Officer, BBB British Patient Capital Holdings

At 11.30 am 

  • Eva Witt, Director of Federal and European Affairs, KfW

Likely questions will include:

  • How does the British Business Bank (BBB) help improve access to finance for SMEs?
  • What would be the consequences if the European Investment Fund (EIF) withdraws from the UK market?
  • The Chancellor of Exchequer announced £200 million of additional funding for the BBB to replace EIF if needed. Is this enough money? 
  • What role does KfW play in the German economy and internationally?
  • Where does KfW provide the most added value compared to the private sector?
  • How does KfW interact with the EIB?
  • KfW provides a 'one-stop shop' for public financial support across different areas. What are the advantages of having such a system, rather than separate institutions or programmes with narrower mandates?
  • KfW's liabilities do not show up in measures of German public debt. Why is this the case and is this an issue of contention?

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