Experts give evidence on Banking and Fiscal Union

12 January 2016

The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee continues its inquiry on Europe's Economic and Monetary Union by hearing evidence from Professor Lorenzo Codogno, Visiting Professor in Practice at LSE and Reza Moghadam, Vice Chairman in Global Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley. This session focuses on the European economic and monetary union in the Five Presidents' Report.


Wednesday 13 January in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15am

  • Professor Lorenzo Codogno, Visiting Professor in Practice, LSE
  • Reza Moghadam, Vice Chairman in Global Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley

Possible questions

The witnesses are likely to answer questions on the following areas:

  • The Five Presidents' Report and the actions introduced in the short term by the European Commission on 21 October
  • Whether EMU is sustainable in the long term
  • Whether the proposals are sufficiently attuned to the needs of all Member States 
  • What direct or indirect impacts the actions identified by the European Commission to complete Europe's Economic and Monetary Union may have on non-euro area Member States, particularly the UK
  • How the UK's interests may differ from or align with those of other non-euro area Member States
  • How achieving a Capital Markets Union may complement and reinforce existing and future financial integration efforts
  • The benefits and obstacles relating to the proposed common deposit insurance
  • Banking Union and the ECB 
  • The definition and practicalities of fiscal union
  • The European Semester as a force for reform
  • Whether institutional development is needed to ensure the effective governance of the Eurozone
  • The role of the IMF in the Eurozone crisis management framework 

Further information

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