Economic policy coordination and convergence examined by committee

03 December 2015

The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee hears evidence from specialists on the topic of Economic policy coordination and convergence. This is the third evidence session of the inquiry.


Wednesday 9 December in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 10.05am:

  • Martin Sandbu, Economics leader writer, The Financial Times
  • Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist, HSBC
  • Sebastian Barnes, Economic Counsellor to the Chief Economist, OECD

At 11.05am:

  • Henning Christophersen, Senior Partner, Kreab and former Deputy Prime Minister of Denmark

Possible questions

The witnesses are likely to answer questions on the following areas:

  • The Five Presidents' Report and the actions introduced by the European Commission on 21 October
  • How EU institutions may be affected by efforts to further integrate euro Member States
  • The impact of current economic prospects (and problems) of individual countries on plans for reform of economic governance
  • How political leaders and EU institutions can foster greater political commitment to the new governance framework
  • Whether banking union will be completed by some form of common deposit insurance
  • How a Capital Markets Union may benefit future financial integration efforts
  • Whether the European financial crisis management framework should be strengthened

Further information

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