Permanent Structured Co-operation (PESCO)

On 11 January 2018, the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee considered a Council Decision establishing Permanent Structured Co-operation (PESCO) and determining the list of Participating Member States.

The Committee decided to hold the item under scrutiny and write to the Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP, to ask questions including:

  • Whether all third countries, including those who are not EU Member States, can participate in individual PESCO projects.
  • Whether any difference would be made in the level of possible participation between EU Member States not part of PESCO (currently the UK, Denmark and Malta) and non-Member States.
  • Which of the 17 projects the Government has identified to be of interest to the UK for possible participation.
  • The different options for participation in PESCO projects for the UK.
  • Whether the Government is satisfied that the suggested PESCO projects do not duplicate existing NATO efforts.

The Minister has now responded to the Committee's letter. 

Update -On 10 January 2019, the Committee considered a Council Decision amending and updating the list of projects to be developed under PESCO. The Committee decided to write to the Minister, asking him:

  • To provide an update, once the Ministry of Defence’s scrutiny exercise is over, setting out the basis on which potential participation in individual projects has been either ruled in or ruled out. (The Ministry of Defence is currently scrutinising the 34 PESCO projects to identify areas of potential UK participation after Brexit - subject to the terms of third country participation still to be agreed).

Please see the Committee’s letter to the Minister, dated 10 January 2019, further below for the full extent of questions asked.

Letters from the Minister

In his letter dated 11 July 2019, the Minister updated the Committee stating that negotiations are ongoing and no final decision had been made.

Letters to the Minister

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