EU Border Management Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya): mandate renewal 2019

On 27 November 2018, the Government submitted an explanatory memorandum (EM) on the renewal of EUBAM Libya. The EM lacked sufficient detail for the Committee to fully consider the proposal and further information was requested. On receipt of the Government's second response, the Committee decided to clear this item from scrutiny on 24 January 2019.

In his letter, the Minister stated that:

  • The UK Government is content with the focus of the mission and is encouraged by the re-establishment of the mission’s presence in Tripoli and the ability to increase staff deployment. The mission’s mandate has been extended to June 2020 and member states will review the mission’s progress during this period.
  • The latest Strategic Review by the EEAS recommended amending and extending the existing mandate to become a fully-fledged civilian CSDP mission (this was incorporated into the new mandate adopted by the Council on 17 December 2018).
  • The lack of progress of the mission so far can largely be attributed to the difficulties in deploying staff. The outbreak of civil war in 2014 forced the mission to relocate to Tunis, which halted its operational delivery. Whilst the security situation in Libya is still unstable, EUBAM has maintained a light presence in Tripoli since December 2017 and assisted UNSMIL on the ground (at their request). Building on this progress, from 1 January 2019, 10 new staff (nine of whom will be operational) will be stationed at the mission headquarters to consolidate its presence in Tripoli and to further engage with their Libyan counterparts.
  • The possibility of expanding operational capability outside the capital will be dependent on the security conditions. An assessment of the security conditions will be made by both EUBAM and the Libyan authorities in cooperation with other EU and international actors. Along the southern border, for example, EUBAM will work with the Libyan National Team Border Security and Management (NTBSM) to assess the security infrastructure in the area, taking into account the presence of local police and militias. With respect to EUBAM's expansion into the west, the Mission will notify Member States once they have identified a suitable location.

Letter to the Minister

Letter from the Minister

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