European Peace Facility

On 27 June 2018, the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee considered the proposal to establish a European Peace Facility (EPF).

The Committee decided to hold the item under scrutiny and wrote to the Rt Hon Lord Bates in a letter dated 13 July 2018, asking him:

  • What work the Government is undertaking to assess its interests regarding the EPF and when he anticipates the Government to have adopted a position.
  • To provide further detail on what the Minister expects "sufficient governance oversight over our funds" to look like.
  • To provide specific examples of what type of capacity building projects could be supported by UK ODA and to elaborate on what the "right conditions" are that would allow for this to be done through the EPF.
  • About the implications of the restructuring of EU funding instruments for UK-EU co-operation after Brexit.

Please see the Committee's letter to the Minister below for the full extent of questions asked.

Letter from the Minister

In his letter dated 29 January 2019, the Minister states:

  • Based on analysis of the draft Council Decision and information shared by the Commission regarding the purpose and scope of the EPF, the Government has determined that if future arrangements with the EU allow and in areas of strategic importance, the UK might want to pay into the EU's external action instruments, including the EPF. Participation in future CSDP operations and missions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The level of UK oversight would been to be commensurate with the level of contributions made.
  • As currently formulated, the EPF will be a non-ODA instrument. Once the EPF is established, the FCO and MOD will determine whether we wish to support military capacity building through the EPF.
  • The letter sets out that it will no longer be possible for UK ODA to be channelled through the EU in support of African Peace Support Operations (e.g. the African Union Mission in Somalia). This is because the EPF will be a non-ODA instrument.
  • The EPF is currently being discussed weekly at the RELEX working group.

  • Letter from the Rt Hon Lord Bates, Minister of State (DfiD), to the Committee dated 29 January 2019 (PDF PDF 703 KB)

Letter from the Committee

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