EU Partnership Agreement with countries of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific group of states

On 25 January 2018, the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee considered the Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations on a Partnership Agreement between the European Union and countries of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of states.

The Committee agreed to hold the Council Decision under scrutiny and write a letter to the Rt Hon Lord Bates, which asked the following:

  • Whether the Government has undertaken an assessment of the options for UK association with the EU-ACP Partnership after Brexit.
  • Whether the UK would aim to continue its participation in the EU-ACP Agreement during a possible transitional arrangement with the EU after Brexit.
  • What the UK's view is on which parameters should underpin the termination of the Agreement and what the termination procedure might look like.
  • Whether an assessment has been undertaken to inform the proposed "Whole of Africa" approach, and how this is expected to be implemented in practice.

The Minister responded to the Committee's letter on 8 March 2018. The Committee wrote to the Minister again on 20 April 2018.

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