Second roundtable on International Development Cooperation after Brexit

12 November 2018

In this second roundtable, the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee will hear from countries, which are currently receiving development assistance from the UK and EU.


Thursday 15 November 2018 in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 11.00am

  • His Excellency, Mr Said Tayeb Jawad, Ambassador to the UK, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
  • His Excellency, Mr Omar Al Nahar, Ambassador to the UK, Embassy of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Likely questions

  • What development assistance are the UK and EU providing to your country?
  • What impact will Brexit have on countries which receive UK and EU development assistance?
  • What impact will the proposed restructuring of EU development instruments have on recipient countries?

Further information

Image: iStockphoto

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