Op Atalanta Commander gives evidence to Brexit: CSDP missions inquiry

08 February 2018

The EU External Affairs Sub-Committee is taking evidence from Major General Charlie Stickland OBE as part of its inquiry, Brexit: Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions.


Thursday 8 February in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.05am

  • Major General Charlie Stickland OBE, Operation Commander, EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta

Operation Atalanta is the EU's counter-piracy mission in the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean. The UK provides the Operation Commander and the Operation Headquarters at Northwood. Operation Atalanta was highlighted in the Government's 'Foreign policy, defence and development - a future partnership paper' of September 2017.

Likely questions

  • What are the main reasons for Operation Atalanta's success?
  • How does Operation Atalanta contribute to achieving the UK's security objectives in the Horn of Africa, and how does it complement the UK's bilateral initiatives?
  • How significant to the mission is the UK's provision of the operational headquarters and the Operation Commander, in comparison to the contribution of other EU Member States?
  • Should the UK seek to continue its participation in or continue to make a contribution to Operation Atalanta after Brexit? If so, what level of participation or contribution should the UK aim for?

Further information

Image: "HNLMS De Ruyter and her NH90 helicopter " by European Union Naval Force Somalia Operation Atalanta is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

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