Committee collects evidence from experts on post-Brexit customs arranagements

Container ship at sea
05 July 2018

The EU External Affairs Sub-Committee holds an evidence session as part of its inquiry, Brexit: customs arrangement.


Thursday 5 July 2018 in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 10.05am

  • Susan Morley, Director, Morley Consulting Training Limited;
  • Joseph Owen, Associate Director, Institute for Government; and
  • Sam Lowe, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform.

Likely questions

  • To what extent can technology be used to reduce customs border checks?  Are there successful examples from  elsewhere that could be applied in the UK?
  • Trusted trader schemes have been raised as a way of decreasing checks at the border. To what extent could these schemes alleviate the administrative burden post-Brexit?
  • What customs facilitation arrangements are currently in place between the EU and third countries that could be applicable to the UK if no comprehensive customs agreement was reached?
  • The Government recently proposed a temporary customs arrangement that would come into force if no other agreement was reached with the EU. What impact would this have on businesses?

Further information

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