EU Forestry Policy

In 1998, the EU adopted its first Forestry Strategy, supported later by an Action Plan covering the period 2007-11. An evaluation of that Plan underlined the need for a revised Strategy, which was published on 20 September 2013 and subsequently scrutinised by the Committee. In March 2014, the Committee decided to conduct a short piece of work on the current state of play of EU forestry policy.

The Committee considered some of the following issues:

  • The need for a long term vision for EU forestry;
  • How effectively the new EU forest strategy sets out a coherent approach to forestry policy, ensuring effective coordination of the various existing EU policies that impact upon forestry;
  • How the UK’s forestry policy fits into the EU framework;
  • What further work needs to be considered at the EU level to improve the coherence of forestry policy through effective governance, while respecting the responsibility of Member States for the management of forests; and
  • The European Commission’s review in 2015 of the EU Timber Regulation.

The Committee heard from UK-based practitioners, from EU-level groups representing practitioners and NGOs and from the UK Government, the Forestry Commission and the European Commission. The Committee wrote letters to the Government and the European Commission on 8th May.

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The Committee remains in correspondence with the Government on Common Agricultural Policy Reform issues.

The European Commission published its Green Paper on Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing forests for climate change, with a consultation period which closed at the end of July 2010.