Evidence heard from Agriculture expert, Professor David Leaver

11 January 2011

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment heard from David Leaver, Professor Emeritus of the Royal Agricultural College, as part of its inquiry into Innovation in EU Agriculture on Wednesday 12 January.

The aim of the inquiry is to identify how innovation in EU agriculture can be best supported, particularly at a time when factors such as population increase and climate change have greatly affected the scale of the challenges facing agriculture in the UK, Europe and globally. 

The Committee also heard from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany during the evidence session.

The witnesses were asked questions in relation to:

  • the extent of innovation in agriculture today
  • obstacles to innovation
  • challenges likely to drive innovation in the future
  • key players and structures needed to support innovation in EU agriculture
  • assistance from the Common Agricultural Policy and EU Research Programme



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