Lords Committee question Minister on the Reform of the Forestry Commission

24 November 2010

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment heard evidence from Jim Paice, MP, Minister of State, Defra, about the Government’s proposals for the reform of the Forestry Commission, on Wednesday 24 November.

The Sub-Committee asked Mr Paice about the Forestry Commission’s role in assisting with the future development of forestry policy in the UK and the EU.  The Forestry Commission has recently co-ordinated a report on financial incentives relating to forestry’s potential for tackling climate change, for consideration across the EU.  The Sub-Committee sees this as an important element of forestry policy.

The Public Bodies Bill allows the Government to make changes to the role of the Forestry Commission, and the Sub-Committee questioned Mr Paice on how the Government will ensure the vital work the Commission undertakes in supporting forestry policy is maintained.

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