Lords question UK And German experts on EU energy policy

31 October 2012

In the first evidence session of their new inquiry, the House of Lords Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy EU Sub-Committee will be speaking to EU climate and energy policy experts on Wednesday 31 October.


At 11.00am, Wednesday 31 October, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

  • Mr Stephen Tindale, Associate Fellow, Centre for European Reform
  • Herr Karsten Neuhoff, Head of Climate Policy at the German Institute for Economic Research, DIW Berlin (via video link).

The witnesses will face questions on issues including:

  • their views on whether EU energy policy should be driven by reducing costs or boosting investment;
  • the respective roles of gas, nuclear, coal and renewable energy, and whether targets should be used to promote one technology over another;
  • investing substantial amounts of money in energy infrastructure at a time of economic instability;
  • the true potential for energy efficiency to help reduce emissions, costs and energy dependence; and
  • how the cost of carbon can be pushed up into order to encourage low-carbon investment.

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