Lords committee announces inquiry into EU Regional Marine Co-operation

16 July 2014

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy has launched a new inquiry into EU Regional Marine Co-operation 

Areas of interest

  • What are the principal risks to the EU’s marine environment? How much of a threat are conflicts between users of marine environments, such as energy developers and the fishing industry, and conflicts between policies designed to protect the environment and those that are designed to boost economic growth?
  • How effective is regional cooperation on marine policy between Member States in the EU?  What more can be done particularly in the North Sea? What are the advantages and disadvantages of regional cooperation?
  • What are the basic requirements to develop a coherent and flexible regional approach to marine cooperation? Is an ideal model identifiable, particularly for the North Sea?


Commenting on the inquiry, Baroness Scott of Needham Market, Chairman of the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy, said:

“There is growing recognition in Europe that regional cooperation will be vital in the development of an effective and comprehensive marine policy. At present however, there doesn’t seem to be a clear map on how to take that regional cooperation forward or what form it should take.

“Marine issues affect a wide range of EU policies and activities from fisheries and energy generation to the protection of the environment and coastal habitats. It is crucial therefore that we work on developing a better model for regional marine cooperation. It is particularly relevant for the North Sea region which is so important for the UK."


The Committee are keen to receive evidence from a wide range of witnesses and would encourage interested parties to submit their views by Friday 26 September 2014.

They will hold public oral evidence sessions for the inquiry when the House returns from the summer recess in October.

Further information

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