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The House of Lords EU Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy Sub-Committee conducted an inquiry into EU energy: decarbonisation and economic competitiveness. The report, 'No Country is an Energy Island: Security Investment for the EU's Future', was debated on 29 July 2013.  

How can the push for green energy be made consistent with pulling the EU (and the UK) out of the current economic mire? That was the fundamental question at the heart of the House of Lords Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy EU Sub-Committee’s inquiry, EU energy: decarbonisation and economic competitiveness.

Issues the Committee covered throughout the inquiry included:

  • Energy’s contribution to economic growth: How can EU energy policy reconcile the objectives of decarbonisation, energy security and contributing to economic growth?
  • What investment is required and how investment can be funded, while keeping a lid on energy costs for consumers and industry?
  • The benefits of a common EU approach to energy through interconnection, the internal energy market and innovation?
  • Particular sources of energy, including the possible development of unconventional gas?”

As follow-up to the Committee’ report, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Rt Hon Ed Davey MP appeared before the Committee on 15 July 2013. Areas covered with Mr Davey included:

  • The EU Emissions Trading System and what structural changes the UK Government would like to see;
  • The EU 2030 emissions reduction agreement and the Government's opposition to the Committee's recommendation that a renewable energy target be included in the agreement. The Committee will also ask if there is a risk that the agreement will reflect the policy of the least ambitious Member States as agreement at the European Council require unanimity;
  • What the Government will do to meet the greatest challenge to energy procisions - the lack of investment; and
  • Government plans to boost gas storage capacity, which could support their policy on shale gas extraction.

The transcript from the evidence session and a follow up letter from the Secretary of State can be found below:

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