Fisheries control: improving compliance with the Common Fisheries Policy

On 12 September 2018, the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee considered the Commission’s Proposal to amend existing fisheries control regulations.

The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is a set of shared rules for managing European fishing fleets and conserving fish stocks. This Proposal aims to improve compliance with the CFP by amended a number of regulations related to fisheries control. Measures included in the Proposal range from requiring a proportion of the fishing fleet to install CCTV monitoring, to Member States publishing and reporting on their CFP inspection plans, to standardising the penalties for infringing CFP rules.

In their Explanatory Memorandum, the Government raise a long list of concerns about the Proposal. The Committee decided to write to the Minister to ask for more details on these concerns and for an update on how discussions with the EU to address these concerns are progressing.

As the Proposal is unlikely to be implemented until after the UK leaves the EU, the Committee’s letter also asks what impact the Minister expects the Proposal to have on the UK and whether he expects the UK to adopt any aspects of it.

Update: on 19 December 2018, Members reviewed the response they had received from the Minister. The response clarified that, if there is a transition period, the Proposal is likely to be adopted in time to apply to the UK during that period. The Committee, therefore, wrote back to ask a number of detailed questions about the Minister’s concerns over the Proposal.

Update: on 3 April, the Committee considered the latest letter from the Minister. As little progress appeared to have been made in negotiations on the Proposal, and that most of the Government’s concerns remained, Members decided to retain the Proposal under scrutiny and asked to be kept updated on discussions within the EU.

Update: on 8 May, the Committee reviewed the Minister’s latest response. As there had been few developments since the Minister’s last letter, most of the Committee’s questions remained outstanding and Members decided to retain the Proposal under scrutiny and ask for an update once progress had been made.

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