Committee continues Brexit and biosecurity inquiry

02 May 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee hears evidence on the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s biosecurity.


Wednesday 2 May in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Dr Paul Walton, RSPB Scotland
  • Matt Elliot, Woodland Trust
  • Dr Simon Doherty, British Veterinary Association

Areas of discussion

The UK's current biosecurity measures are underpinned by EU legislation, advice and information sharing. When the UK leaves the EU, it is unclear how closely it will continue to mirror the EU framework and whether it will continue to be able to draw on EU expertise.

Likely areas of questioning include:

  • To what extent the UK should mirror EU legislation and processes post-Brexit.
  • Whether the UK has the capacity to undertake the biosecurity functions currently performed by the EU.
  • Opportunities to improve the UK's bio-security, post-Brexit.
  • How changing trade patterns might affect biosecurity, and how changing biosecurity regulations might affect trade.

Further information

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