Clarity sought by Committee on post-Brexit food safety decisions

24 July 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has written to the Public Health Minister, asking about the implications of the UK leaving the EU’s food safety risk management arrangements.


Food safety regulation in the UK currently flows almost entirely from the EU. The European Food Safety Authority undertake risk assessments. The European Commission then propose legislation to implement measures to manage the risks identified.
When the UK leaves the EU, it will no longer automatically be part of this system. On 4 July 2048, the Sub-Committee heard from a range of witnesses on what the implications of this might be and have now written to the Minister responsible for the Food Standards Agency, Steve Brine MP, to raise the key points made.

Key questions

The Sub-Committee’s letter asks number of questions, including:

  • Whether the UK will continue to participate in the EU’s food safety risk management process, and implement its decisions, during a transition period.
  • Whether the UK Government supports the model being put forward by the Food Standards Agency for how decisions should be made post-Brexit and, if so, when the Agency will be given the required legal powers.
  • Whether the UK would be ready to take on responsibility for food safety risk management decision-making in March 2019, in the event of no transition period being agreed.
  • Whether the future approach taken in the UK will include the principles of transparent, independent evidence-based decision making embedded in the EU system.

Further information

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