Senior Government officials discuss Brexit impact on biosecurity

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09 May 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee asks senior Government officials about the potential impact of Brexit on the UK's plant and animal biosecurity.


Wednesday 9 May in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Dr Christine Middlemiss, Chief Veterinary Office, Defra
  • Dr Niall Moore, Chief Non-Native Species Officer, Defra
  • Professor Guy Poppy, Chief Scientist, Food Standards Agency
  • Professor Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, Defra

Areas of discussion

The session will investigate the Government's preparedness for biosecurity challenges arising from Brexit.

Likely areas of questioning include:

  • What legislative work needs to happen to ensure EU biosecurity law is preserved and effective immediately post-Brexit.
  • How biosecurity certificates might need to change post-Brexit.
  • Whether the UK has the capacity to conduct biosecurity inspections on material arriving from the EU.
  • What additional biosecurity resources will be needed after Brexit.

Further information

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