Committee examines impact of Brexit on UK’s trade in waste

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22 November 2017

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee hosts a roundtable discussion with organisations from the UK and Europe to explore the potential impact of Brexit on the UK's trade in waste.


Wednesday 22 November in Committee Room 4a, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Dustin Benton, Green Alliance
  • Mike Brown, Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd
  • Joshua Burke, Policy Exchange
  • Ray Georgeson, Resource Association
  • Jacob Hayler, Environmental Services Association
  • Steve Lee, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
  • Lee Marshall, Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee
  • Hilary Stone, UK Environmental Law Association
  • Unico van Kooten, Dutch Waste Management Association

Areas of discussion

The UK exports millions of tonnes of waste to the EU each year. Topics likely to be discussed include the impact of Brexit in relation to:

  • The legal and legislative framework
  • Tariffs and trade agreements
  • Ireland
  • The environment
  • Businesses in the waste management sector
  • Local authorities

Further information

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