Committee to undertake further work on post-Brexit food prices

08 February 2018

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee are undertaking further work on the price and availability of food for UK consumers post-Brexit.

Thirty per cent of food consumed in the UK comes from the EU. During a roundtable discussion with industry experts on 7 February, Committee Members heard concerns that the tariffs that will have to be paid on imports, along with the additional borders and customs checks that will need to be implemented, could have a significant impact on the availability and price of food. Members also heard that attempts to source cheaper food from non-UK markets could lead to a lowering of food safety standards.

Given these concerns, the Committee has decided to explore this issue in more detail in the coming weeks.

Chair's comments

Watch to video above to see Lord Teverson, Chair of the Committee, talk about the inquiry.

Further information

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