Fisheries policy after Brexit investigated by Committee

07 September 2016

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee questions experts and representatives of the fishing industry on UK fisheries policy and the future relationship with the EU regarding fisheries following the vote to leave the European Union.


Wednesday 7 September in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Professor Robin Churchill, University of Dundee
  • Dr Bryce Stewart, University of York
  • Professor Richard Barnes, University of Hull

At 11.45am

  • Barrie Deas, Chief Executive, National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations
  • Bertie Armstrong, Scottish Fisheries Federation
  • Marcus Coleman, CEO, Seafish
  • Hazel Curtis, Chief Economist, Seafish

Likely Questions

  • What opportunities and challenges does leaving the EU present for the fishing industry?
  • What role does trade with the EU and access to the EU market play for the industry?
  • What impact could a loss of access to the Single Market and the imposition of tariffs on fish goods have on the industry?
  • What obligations does the UK have under international law to cooperate and coordinate fisheries management with the EU and neighbouring states? To what extent will it be in the UK's interest to do so?
  • What historical access rights does the UK have and would other states be entitled to revoke these, if the UK restricts access to UK waters?   

Further Information

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